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Book a Try On - Studio

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Try on’s in studio:

Try ons are available by appointment in Palmerston North, Manawatu. They are 30 minutes long and offered on a Tuesday evening at a cost of $10 (which is redeemable if you purchase a rental on the day).

Booking is for one person only and you will only be able to book up to two weeks in advance. If a group would like to come and try on garments together please text, email us or send a message on Instagram.

If Tuesday night doesn't work for you, please let us know! We are more than happy to organise another time.

Takeaway Try on’s:

Do you want to try on some garments but do not have the time to book a try on in our studio? Then this is the option for you.

Choose up to three garments to try on in the comfort of your own home.

The garments must be returned to us by 8pm on the day that you received your garments for try on.

This is available for any day of the week and your dress options must be texted or emailed through to us before pick up.

Please note: this is for Palmerston North customers only, as takeaway try ons only allow for the duration of less than one day.

The takeaway try on fee is fully redeemable upon the rental of a garment.