Frequently Asked Questions


How do I rent a dress on Runway Rentals?

Select the dress that you’d like to rent, select the day of your event as the rental start date and add the rental end date (the next business day). Now select ADD TO CART and enter your details. Be aware that we have three days of rental to cover for weekend rental, but you must return the dress within the next business day. 


 Is the item available?

You will be unable to click on certain dates when the dress is booked out.


 Can I rent if my event is on a public holiday?

Yes, however you will not be able to select the date of a public holiday due to the post office being closed. We recommend selecting the date before the public holiday to ensure you receive the dress on time. The dress must be returned within the next business day.


 What date do I select to book my garment?

Select the day of your event. We will send the item one-five days prior to your event so that it arrives to you on time. 


 Does the cost of the dress include dry cleaning?

We include the cost of dry cleaning. If the dress is damaged and is unable to be repaired, we will charge your account 150% of the retail price of that garment.


What happens if I damage the garment or the garment becomes unwearable? 

If you damage the garment you must pay the full cost of repair. If the garment becomes unwearable after you rent the garment you must pay 150% of the RRP to cover the cost of the garment and loss of revenue.


 How long can I have the garment for?

We send you the garment one-five days before the event, so it arrives to you on time. You must send the garment back to us within the next business day after your event. If you do not return it within the next business day you will be charged a late fee of $30 per day. We can track the return date with our prepaid bags.


Can I take the garment outside New Zealand?

No, the garment can not be taken outside New Zealand. The rental time frame does not allow for this.


What if the garment doesn’t fit me or I change my mind when I receive it?

We offer no refunds in this case, you must check the sizing is correct before you rent the garment.


What type of shipping do you use?

We courier using the New Zealand Post. We track all of our parcels and we post a prepaid tracked bag in your parcel for you to use when you send the garment back to us. All of our courier bags are 100% compostable. 


What are your shipping options?

  1. Pick up from Palmerston North - You may pick up and drop off in Palmerston North, and in this case there is no shipping costs.
  2. Overnight Tracked Return Courier NZ Post - We will send the garment three days before your event with a tracking number. This will also include a prepaid tracked bag for you to return the item back to us.
  3. Tracked Rural Return Courier NZ Post - This is for people who live rurally. Be aware that this may take longer than the standard courier. This will include a tracked bag with a prepaid tracked bag inside for you to return the garment back to us.
  4. Saturday Tracked Return Courier NZ Post - This is for customers who rent a dress on a Friday and need it to be delivered for Saturday. 

We will post the item to you with our courier and add a tracking number, one-five days before your event so that it arrives on time. You must send the item within the next working day after your event. If failure to do so, you will be charged a late fee of $30 a day.

If you require a garment to be sent to you, you must order this at least three days prior to your event (especially if your event is on a Saturday), so that it arrives to you on time. Although we offer overnight postage, we can't guarantee that it'll arrive to you the very next day.

If you require the garment for the very next day, make sure that you place your order before 9am.

If you urgently require a rental for the next day and the next day falls on a Saturday, make sure that you select Saturday shipping. This must be selected before 10am on the Friday. 

We will not do refunds for those garments that do not arrive outside of these guidelines. 

Shipping is free on all orders over $100.


Can I use more than one discount code at checkout?

No. You will only be able to use one discount code per order.


How do I send the dress back to Runway Rentals?

We provide you with a prepaid bag with our address sticker and prepaid tracking ticket for you to send the product back to us. 


What if the dress gets wrinkled in the post?

We steam our garments to insure that there are no wrinkles. Steaming also sterilises the garment. We fold and wrap our dresses carefully in tissue paper inside the courier bag. However, the material of some of our dresses are very susceptible to wrinkles. We make sure our dresses are in great condition when they are sent to you, but if you would like the dress steamed, than we recommend seeing a professional dry cleaner at your cost. 


Do you offer refunds?

In the event of a cancellation, we will reimburse you the full amount with store credit if you cancel at least five days before your event. We will offer a refund in the event of a courier error and the dress does not get to you in time. Email or call us if you require a cancellation.


How do I book a try on?

To book a try on click here.

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